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adidas’ Terrex range gets FiveTen’s Stealth rubber for 2014

adidas bought FiveTen at the end of 2011. FiveTen are famous in the mountain bike world for making sticky soled shoes using their Stealth rubber so that you can grip flat pedals but still move your foot around safely if initial position is wrong. While I was at the adidas 2014 range launch, adidas showed me the 2 shoes in the Outdoor “Terrex” range that are now equipped with soles benefitting from super grippy Stealth rubber, the “Solo” and the “Scope”, both being approach shoes.

adidas Terrex Solo Stealth approach 395

With a colour scheme that makes it look like it’s on fire, the Terrex Solo Stealth 395 is a trainer cross-over, making it a comfortable way to get to the trail-head or climbing zone, but still be able to cope with scrambling sections along the way. Looking at the sole, you can see that it isn’t designed for mud, but on wet or dry stone / rock these are going to be unbeatable.

adidas solo stealth approach terrex 395 2014 mens red side

The rubber also extends up the sides and front of the shoe which will make it suitable for brief climbing if needs must.

It has a soft, rubbery tongue and laces that extend a long way to the front of the shoe for optimum fit.

adidas solo stealth approach terrex 395 2014 mens red sole

adidas Terrex Scope Stealth approach

With a more serious grip profile in addtion to the Stealth rubber, the Terrex Scope is going to be able to cope with more serious terrain and muck. It is still classed an approach shoe, but looks like it could be used for a decent hike.

adidas scope stealth approach terrex 2014 mens blue side adidas scope stealth approach terrex 2014 mens blue sole


It’s great to see FiveTen’s Stealth rubber branching out to other areas and that adidas have been making good use of their investment.

You will be able to buy these from adidas in 2014

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2 thoughts on “adidas’ Terrex range gets FiveTen’s Stealth rubber for 2014”

  1. Hmm, I’m trying to understand the difference between the Stealth rubber and the Continental rubber which Adidas use on some terrex shoes.
    Which rubber should provide better grip?
    Specially on wet slippery stones…

    1. Charles Rodmell

      Hi Lukas. Stealth is way more grippy. Continental is a good balance of grip and durability.

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