Gearselected was started in 2012 to provide in depth reviews of sports gear and events.

  • It was created by Charles Rodmell, the Runningversity running coach
  • The site is completely independent. All views and opinions are those of the writer.
  • I’m keen to get people excited about sport and exercising so, experienced athletes and beginners alike are welcome. I’m happy to provide advice on any aspect of exercise or sport gear, no matter how small the query.
  • The reviews are totally unbiased and will differ from popular opinion when my opinions differ. I accept that not everyone will agree with my reviews and readers are encouraged to leave feedback and provide their own thoughts for balance.

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Please note that my website does not sell stuff – it’s a REVIEW site, so there’s little point in asking me to stock your merchandise. Happy to answer questions and chat about cool sports gear though :)