Maxifuel Viper Active Energy Gel Mixed Berry Flavour

Maxifuel Viper Active Energy Gels Review

After riding the Wiggle South Downs Epic 2012, a 42 mile mountain bike mudfest, I found one of these Maxifuel Viper Active energy gels (mixed berry) in the goodie bag. I had previously been using another brand for training and racing, but after trying the Maxifuel, I decided to switch. Unfortunately they do not do mixed boxes at the moment, so I went with a box of mixed berry flavour because I already knew it tasted good from the free sample.

Maxifuel Viper Active Energy Gel Mixed Berry Flavour

Edit: Thanks to Maxifuel for sending us some Lemon and Lime to try.

Maxifuel Viper Active Energy Gel Lemon Lime Flavour

Each 70g gel has 101kcal from 25g of carbs of which sugars are 9.5g.
They also benefit from 0.07g of Sodium to replace electolytes lost through sweat.

Out on the Trail

The Viper Active gel strikes an excellent balance between energy content and ease of swallowing. Because the main ingredient is water, it slips down really easily and sits easily in the stomach. My previous gel brand was a lot thicker and whilst great for a training session, I coudn’t stomach it during racing, whereas the Maxifuel gel is more suitable for the rigours of high intensity workouts. However, it will mean you need to take more of them with you when compared to a thick gel.

The Mixed Berry is a sweet flavour and tastes good. Edit: The Lemon and Lime is much less sweet and has that citrus kick to wake you up a litte bit. For variety, I’ll be using a box of each.

Maxifuel recommends 1 – 2 gels per hour. In my long slow training sessions, 1 per hour is spot-on, but for racing, I carry 2 per hour in case I need the extra.

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