adidas Adizero Split Shorts Review – Mens

The adidas Adizero Split Shorts for running are a top quality bit of kit. After months of training in them, they still look as good as they day I ordered them from the adidas store.

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Super Light

The first thing you will noticed is their feather like weight. At only 83g for my medium size, they feel almost non-existent while pounding the miles.

adidas adizero split shorts mens weight

From the front, they look like any normal pair of running shorts, featuring an elasticated waist and the obligatory 3 stripes and logo.

adidas adizero split shorts mens front

Formotion cut

Round the sides, you can start to see the way the Formotion design has split the front and rear panels to allow a huge freedom of motion around the thighs and ensuring that the material always fall back into place naturally.

adidas adizero split shorts mens side

Tech all round

At the back, the combination of wicking mesh and ventilation ensures a comfortable run on a hot day.

adidas adizero split shorts mens back

adidas adizero split shorts mens rear mesh

An inner liner keeps your jewels in place, allowing you to get on with enjoying the run. The adizero logo on the back is reflective. A key pocket and drawstring for perfect fit complete the features list.

adidas adizero split shorts mens inside

In the rain, they collect very little moisture and dry out really fast due to their minimal construction. A flawless product then.

Product Care

The label says: “Machine wash cold delicate 30degC, do not bleach, tumble dry low, do not use fabric softener”. I’ve mostly ignored the first bit and happily washed it at a mixture of 30 and 40degC, but I always tumble dry all my clothes on low anyway, so that’s easy.

adidas adizero split shorts mens wash

Anyone looking to select a pair of running shorts should definitely check out the adidas Adizero Split Shorts.

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