adidas climaheat hoody face down

adidas AW14 running shoes and apparel launch – Autumn Winter 2014 preview

adidas invited me up to their press event for the AW14 (Autumn Winter 2014) launch. I have plenty of photos of the running

apparel, but the colours for the shoes were still under NDA, so once it’s lifted, I’ll provide some shots.

adidas running shoes AW14

When adidas first showed me the revolutionary Energy Boost shoe at its launch, I asked them if the boost material would filter down to the rest of the range. They told me the technology would gradually become available to Adizero, Supernova and Response. Good to their word, for AW14, you can find boost material cushioning in all of those range levels.

Two Rocket Boost shoes will be available – the Climaheat and the Climachill. These are designed to be super flexible shoes with a lot of boost cushion. Therefore you can roll them up, and twist them about. I expect these to give you a great perception of the road or trail. They felt almost like a minimal style shoe while manipulating them, whilst retaining the normal trainer look and cushion. I can’t wait to try them, especially the Rocket Boost Climachill.

adidas rocket boost climachill

adidas Rocket Boost Climaheat AW14

  • Non removable fluffy insole! Warmtastic
  • Warm upper
  • Tongue sewn in and attached most of the way up to prevent debris and water entry
  • Snow grip sole with lots of shallow studs all the way from the front to the back
  • Boost everywhere
  • Flexible foldable twistable outsole structure
  • Structured heel surround

adidas Rocket Boost Climachill AW14

  • Even more flexible than the Climaheat due to cooling mesh upper
  • Diamond indented sole
  • Chill groove running fore to aft in the instep area, with holes through the insole
  • Energy Boost style heel counter

adidas Supernova Sequence Boost AW14

Whilst the Adistar boost provided a small amount of stability, the Sequence boost is the first boost shoe to offer a substantial amount of the usual stability features. Boost material makes up the lower part of the sole, with a layer of EVA sitting on top.

adidas Energy Boost AW14

For AW14, there are 3 varieties of Techfit for the Energy Boost.

  1. Engineered mesh for the toe box upper: A 4-way stretch mesh gives more room for the toes to wiggle. It has the normal outersole that you’ve seen on previous models
  2. Knitted weave: the whole upper is woven to provide a super thin upper. Again, it has the normal outersole.
  3. Micro hexagon pattern replaces the old welded strip toe box panels for a firmer toe box than the other two options. It has a snow / off-road grip on the forefoot and a horseshoe of similar grip around the outside of the heel, making it the first energy boost shoe targeted at trails (not mud though).

adidas Adistar AW14

For AW14, there are 2 versions of the Adistar toe box, one of the incorporating the 4-way mesh described above and the other with the original welded strips as soon on all energy boost up till now.

adidas Response Boost AW14

This is the first time the entry-level Response range has seen boost material. There is a layer of EVA the whole way along and under the instep, with a boost layer underneath that, but only at the ball and heel.

adidas Revenergy boost AW14

A brand new show for Autumn Winter 2014, the adidas Revenergy has an EVA sole, with central pockets of boost material in the heel and forefoot. It has a leather-style upper and is aimed at entry level or at those who want to try out boost without going the whole way in one go.

adidas Adizero Adios boost 2 AW14

The AW14 adios boost 2 reverts a little to the style of the adios 2, with a firm material wrapping the front and sides of the toe box and mesh on top of the toe box. It has reflective dots around the heel and the sides of the toe box. Personally I think this could be a step backwards, lacking enough difference from the Adios 2 (apart from the boost sole) – the toe box Techfit was one of my main favourite features about the original Adios boost, leaving lots of room for the toes to land and do their own thing.

adidas Adizero Boston boost AW14

The adizero boston now comes with boost – it’s a very similar shoe to the Adios boost in looks. It has slightly more boost sole and more rubber on the grip (still Continental rubber though), so it’s slightly heavier, but thankfully longer wearing. It is still targeted as a light capable distance race shoe.

Adidas Running Apparel AW14

adidas adizero climaproof jacket back

adidas adizero climaproof jacket vents

The AW14 adizero jacket moves the zip to the back and side instead of the breast and has hooded mesh on the back for breatheability whilst retaining rain protection.

adidas adizero Techfit shorts back

adidas adizero Techfit shorts front

adidas womens adizero Techfit tights back

adidas womens adizero Techfit tights front

The adizero techfit tights have bright orange (men’s) or pink (women’s) welded patterns.

adidas adizero thsirt back

adidas adizero thsirt front

Fantastic flame colours for the men’s AW14 adizero t-shirt.

adidas climachill womens singlet front pink

adidas climachill womens singlet front

adidas climachill womens top front

adidas response singlet front

Above, you can see the women’s climachill singlets and top, and the men’s Response singlet.

adidas climacool techfit bra back

adidas climacool techfit bra front

adidas climacool racer bra front

Above you can see the AW14 climacool Techfit and racer bras.

adidas climaheat hoody

adidas climaheat hoody face down

adidas climaheat hoody front

adidas womens climaheat hoody

How good is that?!? Super snuggly Climaheat hoody, with integrated face mask. WANT! (Need?!)

adidas Techfit long sleeve climaheat mock front

adidas Techfit long sleeve climaheat mock back

Similarly great, is the techfit compression long sleeve climaheat top. Very comfortable – I could see myself running the cold winter days with that layer.

adidas response climalite jacket back

adidas response climalite jacket front

adidas response leggings

adidas response short sleeve tshirt front

adidas response shorts back

adidas response shorts front

adidas womens response full length tights

Lots of Response gear above.

adidas supernova climacool tshirt

adidas supernova shorts back

adidas supernova shorts front

adidas womens supernova jacket

Men’s Supernova shorts and T-shirt and Women’s Supernova jacket – the white vertical lines (see above) are reflective and are barely visible without the flash.

adidas womens apparel colours

adidas womens jacket front

adidas womens retro shorts

Very cool retro shorts (women’s), various women’s kit and the blur effect jacket above.

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8 thoughts on “adidas AW14 running shoes and apparel launch – Autumn Winter 2014 preview”

  1. Charles,

    Looks interesting!

    I have seen pics of the Adios Boost 2 and my initial impressions are the same as yours, i.e. potentially less wiggle room/manoverability. I understand that these are available from 1 June in both colourways. Can you confirm this? Are you able to post your pics yet?


    1. I haven’t seen release dates yet – I’ll try and find out. Unfortunately, I wasn’t allowed to even take photos of the shoes.

  2. Hi Charles,
    Thanks. I have both colours (Solar Red and Vista Blue) on order from the Adidas Online Shop. ETA Wed 4 June. Will let you know how I find the comparison to AAB 1…that sounds like the ‘A’ level results I wanted but BBC was ok!

    1. Heheh, slightly better than me – not that they really matter a jot for actually earning an income later (unless you want to be a doctor etc.). Anyway, would love to hear about the differences between adios boost 1 and adios boost 2. Maybe hit the “Press to review” button above.

  3. Hi.thanks your post.
    I wanna know picture 11 top bra name..
    i live in korea and when i looked that bra.
    i want to buy that…
    but i cannot find that goods…:(
    Thanks guy:~)

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