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adidas Takumi Sen 3 Boost Review 2017 adizero

The adidas Takumi Sen 3 boost reviewed here is a lightweight racing flat shoe “Crafted for elite racing by Japanese expert cobblers Omori and Mimura“. The review started off for the 2015 version called “3 Boost”, but if you want to read my update about 2017 version just called “3”, please scroll down. Released with little fanfare at the same time as the adidas Ultra Boost, the Takumi Sen should not be confused with it’s sibling Takumi Ren. The Sen is lower profile than the Ren, getting you closer to the ground and although the adidas site says both are the same weight, reports as per the comments section below suggest actually the Sen is substantially lighter. This iteration is the first Takumi Sen to feature adidas’ boost midsole, featured in the forefoot area only.

You can buy them here in the UK or here everywhere else.

Takumi Sen 3 Boost insole

Takumi Sen 3 Boost Side

Size and Weight

I had  not tried any previous Takumi. In most of my previous shoe reviews, I’ve gone for a size giving me just under a thumb width’s room for the big toe. For reference, my adios boost 1 was 11.5, Energy Boost 1 was 12, Saucony Virrata was 11. However, I’ve now moved towards having more toe room with a full thumb width, and since reports on Facebook groups suggested that size is true against adios, for the Takumi Sen 3 boost, I went for a size 12 (half a size up) to give my toes more room. This worked out perfectly for me, but if you already leave a full thumb width, you might be best sticking to size.

The default size is listed at 170g. My size 12 is 201g, so a lightweight shoe for sure.

Takumi Sen 3 Boost weight

Who’s it for?

Whilst it’s marketed at faster athletes, I think anyone aiming for a smooth, efficient running style could enjoy them. Whilst it is aimed at 5k to half marathon distance track and road, it copes remarkably with longer distances and a bit of trail too.

Takumi Sen 3 Boost inSide

Construction and stats

The size I ordered worked out perfectly for me – the toe box is surprisingly roomy, given that the rest of it is snug and narrow. It is more “foot” shaped than any other adidas I’ve tried. The upper is mostly a mesh, so it is not water resistant or splash proof, but it is light and cool. The laces have multiple eyelets across a good length which makes for excellent adjustability to match the contours of the top of an individual’s foot. The rim around the ankle is not stretchy, so the laces must be loosened each time to allow the foot into the shoe.

There is only a very slight toe-spring which I much prefer to large toe-springs – I like to keep the toes relaxed in the air on the long distances.

Stack height is listed as 23mm / 17mm giving the Takumi Sen 3 boost a drop of 6mm. Therefore it’s about as flat as you’ll get in an adidas running shoe. It looks flatter than it is due to the black stripe curving up the side.

The UK gets a black on black upper with a white windowed boost section and white EVA. Other regions get various bright colours.

Takumi Sen 3 Boost top

The heel counter is a bit stiffer than most of my recent minimal shoes, so I was a little worried about it rubbing, but this was unfounded – it’s just a really great fit.

Takumi Sen 3 Boost heel

The sole has continental rubber around the toe and heel edges for grip in the rain, but the majority uses what adidas calls QUICKSTRIKE. This saves weight by using many small diamond dots of rubber, but also allows the sole to flex for grip and ground feel.

Takumi Sen 3 Boost sole zoom

Takumi Sen 3 Boost sole

The forefoot has a section of boost midsole, with EVA elsewhere. The forefoot is more naturally foot shaped than a lot of adidas shoes, so there’s a tiny bit more toe wiggle room than for example the adios.

adidas takumi sen 3 boost insole

On the run

When they arrived, I put them on and knew immediately that this is a great fitting shoe. I did a quick run for 3k to double-check they were the right size and then felt so confident that I went straight out for a 35k run as their first proper outing! This was a mix of road, some hardpack trail and a bit of gravel and mud. I arrived home, with no blisters, comfy feet and ready to do it over again.

Their next run was a 29k on similar surfaces and again, the outcome was perfect.

Those runs contain a mix of slow / steady, and fartlek style fast sections, so to test a more continuous fast pace I went out for an 8k at threshold and they were a dream for my forefoot / midfoot style, so I could enjoy the fast pace and high cadence.

As well as my normal style, I also ran with a rearfoot / heel style – when rolling from the heel to the toe, the sole was firm and wanted to get the front down quickly which will suit high cadence heel strikers the best I expect.

So, pay attention! I decided to pull out all the stops and really test them to the limit. I wondered how far I could really go in them and still remain comfortable. The extreme test I chose was a 50 mile trail run, with 2km elevation, along the stony, chalky, often muddy, South Downs Way. Not what it’s designed for, but it showed just how versatile they really are. Again, not a hint of blister or even hotspot, and the Quickstrike’s profile actually provided a decent amount of grip on areas that hadn’t dried out. I remained stable the whole way, confident on all of the uneven terrain. To be so friendly for such a hardcore run is wonderful for such lightweight, low profile shoe. I’ll also note that there is almost no sign of wear after those first 150km of use as above, so I’m expecting I’ll get value for money.

edit: A couple of weeks later, I did my first sub60 10 miler (59:18) and appreciated the light weight and surefootedness of the Takumis under pressure on the road. I also used them to come 3rd place in the Redbull Wings For Life World Run race report UK which was a hilly marathon for me in a marathon PB time.

Simply one of the best shoes I’ve ever used.

Edit: P.S. I liked them so much I had to get the AW15 too. In the UK, it’s black with white stripes and pink laces. Win!

Edit: My AW15s have 1000+ miles on them now. The upper is LIKE NEW!! I kid you not. The sole it trashed but is still a joy to run on.

Takumi Sen 3 Boost AW15

adidas Takumi Sen 3 2017 review update

adidas Takumi Sen 3 2017

I bought some 2017 SS17 adidas Takumi Sen 3 (no “boost” in the name now) to use in the Milton Keynes Marathon. I’m still using the AW15 in training which have 600+ miles on them. In the race, I used the SS17 and for the first time ever, went Sub3! 2:58:42. Yeah, I cried with joy at the finish line. :)

There are some subtle differences, but overall they make little difference, i.e. it’s still awesome.

The adidas site says it’s now 9mm. I haven’t measured it, but it’s identical to the AW15 drop as far as I can tell, which was listed as 6mm and it certainly feels quite flat. I would stay 6mm is more realistic. I run a lot in 0mm drop and it’s a much more similar feel to those than, for example, the On Cloud (listed as 9mm, but have a distinct step).

adidas Takumi Sen 3 2017 logo

adidas Takumi Sen 3 2017 inside

adidas Takumi Sen 3 2017 outside

adidas Takumi Sen 3 2017 outsole

The new tongue is much fatter for comfort but only at the top where the bow is. Rest is same as before, ie super thin.

The toe box feels identical, even though structure is a little different. There is a weld down the outside of the toe, instead of the leather reinforcement.

adidas Takumi Sen 3 2017 upper weld

No changes to the sole so it’s still going to split across the forefoot no doubt.

adidas Takumi Sen 3 2017 continental outsole

Heel counter is…. Different to look at. It feels the same apart from inside of the heel which has slightly more supportive action. I prefer the old counter, but it makes almost zero difference while running.

adidas Takumi Sen 3 2017 heel counter

Weight. I got 208g which is 7g heavier than my 2015 were new.

adidas Takumi Sen 3 2017 weight

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110 thoughts on “adidas Takumi Sen 3 Boost Review 2017 adizero”

  1. Charles,
    An in-depth, really helpful review.

    Agree with you, these are top-notch running shoes. I’m also a big fan of Sen and Ren 2 (i.e. previous non-boost model) and these too (and two!) are excellent. I was so smitten with Sen Boost in Amazon Purple/White that I ordered and have received a pair from the US. About to try them. Certainly my expectations are very high and am confident they won’t let me down. Fyi Amazon Purple will be lauched in Europe by Adidas 1/6/15 (as advised by Adidas UK).

    Will be interesting to see if any of the Adidas backed elite runners wear Sen Boost this season or stick with Adios. A nice problem to have!


    1. Charles Rodmell

      Thanks and good to hear about other colour choices – I’m not really a fan of black (give me adios orange or Virrata green any day of the week!), but I couldn’t wait to get my feet in these.

  2. Very detailed review, thanks. Amazing how versatile they turned out to be! Forefoot striker here and I do all of my easy runs with the Glide Boost 6 and speed work 10K/HM races with the Adios Boost 2. For my first marathon I’m not sure whether to go with the AB2 or the GB6…maybe I should try the Sen Boost 3 ;-) I’d briefly tried the Sen 2 but had found them to be very firm, even harder on the forefoot than the Adios 2. The Boost took care of that problem on the Adios and it seems it’s doing it on the Sen Boost 3 too. The Ren with its 10mm drop might work better though as I found my Achilles could use some slight support that I wasn’t getting with the Skechers GoMeb 2 for instance.

    1. Charles Rodmell

      The forefoot is quite firm on the Sen Boost 3 – I haven’t tried the Sen 2, but I have tried the Adios 2 and they are similar in that respect. Hope that helps.

      As a forefoot runner, I would have thought you’d be better off with a lower drop because unlike heel striking where you compress the heel a lot in a 10mm shoe, with forefoot placement, you’ll only really compress the forefoot material, so your Achilles will be be under utilised, with the heel forever jacked up.

      1. Hi Charles, just read your comment on forefoot running, I’m a forefoot runner about to race the VLM sub 2:40 in Addios Boost but wanted something lighter for 5 and 10k. you recommended lower drop, on your Sen Boost 3 review, want kind of racing flats were considering with lower drop? Thanks Charles

        1. Charles Rodmell

          Hi Steve, Nice time there for the VLM goal! Did you get it?? I’m using Mizuno Wave Universe5 for 5 and 10k. It might not be enough cushion for everyone though, but at less than 100g, it feels so amazing. They also do the Ekiden. Both of those are 4mm. I’m using the takumi sen3 for a sub3 attempt at the Wings for Life WorldRun race next weekend which has 6mm. The reason I suggest a lower drop for forefoot runners is that the heel doesn’t compress much with this running style, so you end up with a shortened achiles (like constantly wearing high heels), whereas when heel striking the heel drops into the cushion bringing the foot to normal extension. No scientific data to back this up – just my personal ethos. I still use adios etc in my rotation though.

  3. Michael LaMorte

    Hi Charles!

    Great review! Probably the only thorough review I have seen on them.

    I really like the Adios Boost 2 sneakers for half and full marathon races. Posted one of my best marathon times in them. I am curious about these
    sneakers. Are they similar to Adios Boost 2? How many total road miles can you get on them? Are they good for a full road marathon race?
    Can you heel strike in them as a well as midfoot strike in them?

    Thanks for your help!

    1. Charles Rodmell

      Hi Michael. Yes, you can land on the heel in these. I can’t comment on what they are like for long distances in that style though. They are not really similar to the adios boost 2 because the boost 2 has boost all the way along whereas the Takumi Sen 3 only has boost in the forefoot. I have not tried the adios boost 2, but my previous marathon race shoe was the Adios boost 1 and compared to that, the Takumi Sen 3 is lighter and firmer, so promotes a softer, smoother running form. Miles: I’ll tell you once I retire them :D However, I’ll guess at 400-500km for an 11 stone smooth runner – I think the quickstrike will be the first thing to wear down. Finally: are they good for a full road marathon? I don’t know yet. They were good for a slow 3hr 35k. I’m aiming for a sub3 road soon at race pace, so I’ll be using these for that. I’ll try and remember to reply once that’s done.

  4. Michael LaMorte

    Thankyou for you input Charles! Good Luck with your training and upcoming races! Run Happy , All the Best: )

    1. Charles Rodmell

      I just did the Redbull Wings for Life World Run UK and managed a few hundred meters away from a marathon (see my race report for why the distance is weird in this race) in a PB time in these shoes. So yes, good for a full road marathon.

  5. Thanks for the review. I have a pair that I’m really pleased with them though I been mainly thinking they are for shorter distance: I’ve done 10 miles but you’ve made me reconsider that they may work for a marathon. Like how they seem to promote a forefoot strike and a high cadence for me. I also managed to order a purple pair from Japan – cost £122 after higher than expected import fees but I think they’re a much better than the black!
    Given they are pricey though, I will save them for racing. Can you suggest another boost shoe for training, preferably with lower drop? I started with the Energy Boost 1, then went to the Adios 2 for my marathon.

    1. Charles Rodmell

      Yeah, well done on the import – definitely a wider range of colours there. I’ll add this to the review in a second, but on Sunday night I went out and did a 10 miler in the dark at almost flat out speed in them. It was the first time I’ve gone under 60 mins (59:18) and I definitely appreciated the light weight and surefootedness. I think if we work on our form enough, a good shoe can be used for many distances.

      Unfortunately adidas don’t do many road shoes with low drops (just the Takumi Sen and Takumi Ren) and even these aren’t that low at 6mm. I’ve seen people saw their Energy Boost flat (the boost material is pretty grippy), but I think that would make the toe-spring too extreme. If price is an issue and you want to stick with adidas, I suggest seeking out previous model Takumis at a discount. The only other low drop shoes I’ve tried are the Virrata 0mm (search here for my review), the Mizuno Wave Universe 5 (4mm slipper that I got my 10k PB in – review imminent) and barefoot stuff like VFF and Vivobarefoot ONE.

  6. Did you half size up ? i’m between these and the adios boost 2, i know with the adios 2 you have to half size up. Thanks in advance, great review btw.

    1. Charles Rodmell

      I did half up but mostly because I wanted more room in the toebox. It was still plenty narrow enough elsewhere to lace up properly. I think I mention it in the review somewhere.

  7. About the weight of the Takumi ren 3. I just bought these shoes in size 9 and they weight exactly 200 g so Takumi sen and ren aren’t same weight shoes.

  8. Would these be good for someone with a bit of running experience (for fun) but wanting to get serious? Im having a hard time deciding which shoes to buy in the world of a million different types of shoes for a million different types of reasons. I run in Newton Motion III’s and I love them but dont want to run in them daily bc of the lugs (my calves are starting to hurt). I need a daily trainer. Something to put a lot of miles on. I just got the Adidas Ultra Boost, and while they were nice, Im not sure they are worth the $180 price tag bc the soles seem like they will wear quick and they may be a gimmick from what I have read online. I also tried the New Balance Boracay at the store and liked them as well, but left with the Ultra Boosts. I ran 10k when I got home and beat my personal best (51:49), but something just didn’t feel right in that shoe. Im struggling to decide what to do and becoming discouraged and getting a little obsessive and overwhelmed. I could use some help on deciding what shoes would be best for me to run in daily to help with my form and become a better and stronger runner. Thank you in advance for any help and advice!

    1. Charles Rodmell

      Firstly I don’t think they are designed as a daily shoe – more race orientated – but that hasn’t stopped me using them for training because I was looking for a light shoe with a little cushion.

      Secondly no shoe can magically give you better form. For that, try drills like 100up.

      So to help with your dilemma, these Sen 3 Boost have a 6mm drop compared to the 4mm in your Newtons and 10mm in your Ultra Boost. If you land forefoot I would stick with lower drop shoes (6mm and less), so Sen 3 Boost
      or something like Kinvara.

      These Sen are quite firm – very different from the bouncy Ultra boost so if you want lots of soft cushion they are not for you.

      If you are aiming to run more softly and smoothly, they could be good.

      If you are serious about putting in the long miles, you could mix it up and do some runs in Sen 3 Boost and some in Ultra boost and some in Newtons. That’s what I’d do – try not to do all my long runs in one shoe.

      1. Thank you so much Charles! Im going to return the Ultra Boosts. They are there too many inconsistencies between the left and right shoes and they dont seem like they are built that well, especially the sole. Im going to give the New Balance Boracay and and the NB 1500v1, along with Saucony Kinvaras a go today and see what I think. Should I try any others? I just spoke to a coworker as well who swears by Mizuno’s, which I hadn’t looked into before. Any thoughts on those? Again, thanks for the quick reply and help.

        1. Charles Rodmell

          You could look at the Mizuno Ekiden9. Not as extreme as the Wave Universe5 that I’m using at the moment.

          1. Henrik Skak Pedersen

            Any chance for a review of the Ekiden 9? I already got the Universe 5 and the Sen 3 :-)

          2. Charles Rodmell

            I don’t have the Ekiden yet. I was toying with it in the Singapore Mizuno store last week. Lovely colours. I’m just not sure if it will be a useful addition for me. I should have tried it on, but I had the kids in tow. Need to know about the toebox size before purchase really. I’m not buying a shoe like that unless there is lots of wiggle room.

  9. Charles, thanks for the review and photos. I just ordered my pair of Sen 3, taking into account the infos in your post.
    I run 5Km and 10Km only, with a limited experience as a runner. I have been using Adidas Sequence Boost for training and Adios Boost 2 for racing, and I’m very happy with this combo. Adidas shoes fit me like a glove, as I have a narrow fit. I was impressed with the impact that a lighter shoe can have on your run, having only used the lightweight Adios Boost 2 for three months now. I ran in some old Nike Lunarglide before that, and they gave me blisters… :-(

    My question is, do you know what is the difference between the Ren 3 and the Sen 3? The Adidas web site doesn’t really tell much about it. Same weight, same description.
    After 1 month running in your Sen 3, do you have any additional feedback about them that you’d like to share?
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Charles Rodmell

      Looks like the adidas site is wrong and the Ren3 is heavier than the Sen3 (see comment from a reader “ST” on this page). I don’t know much else about the Ren. I’m using the Sen3 for a sub3 marathon attempt next weekend.

  10. Hi Charles,

    How did get on with the goal of sub3 using sen3? How did you find the shoes for this purpose?

    Looks like some new colourways will be released in June/July, but I’m not clear which will be readily available in the UK. Time will tell:

    Solar Yellow/Black/Black
    Black/White/Raw Ochre
    White/Black/Raw Ochre

    I have some pics, how do I upload?

  11. Hi Charles ive always thought train heavy race light but over time have favoured the lightweight flats and have just bought the black sen 3 ,so my shoes range from 12/13 oz addidas supa nova ,adios boost 8/9oz,takumi it still a good idea to mix training with different shoes or can you do all your mileage in flats thanks

    1. Charles Rodmell

      Hi Paul. I don’t think there’s any science that can answer your question, but my ethos is that using a few different trainers is good for the same reasons that mixing XC with road is good (exercise slightly different muscles). Along the same lines “they” always say to do the majority of your training in the conditions of the race, so if you are racing on road, the majority of training should be road. If the race is hilly, train with hills. I believe the same is true of shoes – do the majority of your training in similar shoes to what you will be racing in! If you do all training in 11mm drop cushioned shoes and then switch to 0-6mm low profile racing flats on the race day, you aren’t prepared. If you race in flats, train in flats, but mix in some cushioned shoe for some runs for the variety (or barefoot/ultra minimal with care and diligence is the alternative in the other direction – I use the full range). Finally, if you are using racing flats like the Sen3 then you are probably running fast and smoothly, so you need to continue to concentrate on form, remaining smooth when using more cushioned shoes, avoiding thumping down – don’t use them to be lazy, if you see what I mean :)

  12. Hi Charles thanks for the advice ,from what your saying iam doing things right ,i have asked around but your the first person who seems to have the same thoughts.iam currently just doing the rounds at 10k races its my first year and had some good results current PB is 38.20 which iam happy with .going for a 15k in my takumis tommorow waited so long to get a pair .great chatting with you will keep an eye on your site

  13. So I finally got the Sen3 as a little reward after an annoying peroneal and to rotate with my GB6 and AB2. Used them today on a quick 50′ road outing with varying paces and did indeed feel it was all that it’s cracked up to be. Very light (200g in US12 vs 268 for the AB2) very cushy for a forefoot striker (can’t see how they would work for a heel striker though) and great grip. The Boost really works wonders compared to the very dry/firm Sen 2.

    The only problem is that they seem to wear very quickly…the little pods on the outside (I supinate a bit) are already completely gone! Not sure what that’s going to do to the grippiness… Has anyone else noticed that?

    1. Charles Rodmell

      I’ve done 350km in mine now and a couple of the pods have worn away on each heel outside edge, and a few have worn down right in the middle of the front of the foot, but not completely yet. However, the left foot has just split right across the same frontal sole area, almost all the way from side to side across the normal area the shoe bends on toe-off. Disappointing because I have other shoes I’ve done almost 800km in and are still going. However, they aren’t racing flats like this.

  14. Thanks for the update, I did notice a “crack” too in the middle but it’s similar on both shoes so it was probably like that originally. Here are some pics where you can see the “pods” completely wiped out on the side. The REN has some Continental rubber in that area so it might wear out less…

    1. Charles Rodmell

      Tough one – it suggests you are landing too heavily on the outside and not engaging your big toe enough. Do your other shoes wear in the same place? You are supposed to land on that edge, but the roll inwards across the foot should then give similar wear. How many miles do you think you have done so far?

  15. Very few, about 6 ! Yes I definitely supinate a bit, more so on the left side and all my shoes show some wear in the same spot but only after several hundred miles, my first Adidas GB6 were like this after about 600 miles for instance :
    I’ll try to pay attention to how I hit the ground the next time I run ;-) I did feel that the S3B did somehow “prevent” me from using my big toe. Possibly just not for me…

  16. Well it seems Adidas agreed that the wear was abnormal on my S3B because I just got a refund, thanks for that! Couldn’t help myself with the current sales and ordered the Ren 3 Boost, hopefully the extra Continental rubber on the side and the higher drop will work better for me…

  17. kastoori thakuri

    Hi Charles,
    I received ADIDAS Takumi SEN3 boost as a gift, few days back .However, tried it only yesterday on the treadmill (7km) and today on a mixed trail (5-6km).It feels great.!!
    Tomorrow, I would love to try these for a long road run (25km) and your reviews, indeed leave a very positive note for long distance running as well.I have been running in REEBOK Zquick and Merrell Mix Master Glide ,and I liked Adidas Takumi Sen3 all the more ,as it has the same fit like my Merrell.

    4 months ago,I had performed a gait analysis and it was observed that i’m a heel striker but a quick one (cant figure out what does that mean) so it would not impact my running style.But ever since then.I make a conscious effort to land on my mid-foot. I have been running since 2013 and have completed half marathons and Marathon . My next goal is a 50km run in early November. So if you would suggest I’m eager to get few more pairs in brighter colours ,as I too have a black one :(


    1. Charles Rodmell

      Like the look of those Merrells. The Takumi Sen 3 lasted me 350km which is much less than most of my other trainers. However, I’m going to get another pair – they are so good.

  18. Hi Charles and Kastoori,

    Regarding new Sen 3 Boost colourways, Adidas have released B22891 Black/White/Solar Red in the UK within the last few weeks (I have a pair) and it’s a great combo:
    At present these are not available @ the Adidas online shop but I believe that it’s just a matter of time until they arrive.
    They have also launched B22890 Solar Yellow/Black in Japan but these are not a UK (retailers) launch shoe However that’s not to say that the UK online shop won’t have them as an ‘online exclusive’. Again, time will tell.
    This colourway is available for import from the US retailer Eastbay (an Adidas partner) but, buyer beware, shipping costs + UK VAT + courier charges will add appx 65% to the base cost of the shoe so they become a tad expensive! I really like this colourway so really hope that the Uk online shop stock it:
    ps the solar yellow /black colourway is different from the sample that Adidas produced which was solar yellow/frozen green/black. Seems like they had the good sense to ditch the ffrozen green:) Fyi here’s what that looked like, but I stress again this was a sample only and any retailers showing these pics have got it wrong:

  19. hi charles im mariana from brazil . do you think i can find this shoes to buy in us ? i have the energy boost 2 and love it
    this black one that you posted is wonderful i want it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Charles Rodmell

      You could try Rakuten Global (Japanese site that ships globally). They also have the new AW15 colours.

  20. Louise from Paris

    Hi Charles,
    Adidas sellers kept telling me thoses shoes were designed for “expert” runners only, who run fast, I made up my mind after reading your excellent review and bought the Takumi on the net (none in stores for a try). I used to run 8km once a week at most (I would stop running in winter time, when it’s rainy, when I lack of courage, when I am busy..), I am a slow runner but somehow I have always run on the forefoot. After running, my calves would hurt and feel like stones during ~3 days (no other aching muscle). Your comment saying the Takumi drop would help the Achille be under utilised didn’t fell on deaf ears… I can confirm: after running my usual 8km, I felt no aching muscle at all !!! Thus I have started running more often and a bit quicker (around a lake, with 70% soft surface). Thank you so much for sharing with us :)

  21. Charles,
    Hope all continues to go well with Sen Boost. I love ’em. You know I like to share my knowledge re future iterations, esp colours, of the shoe so here are the details of the SS16 portfolio:

    Product Colour: Issue:

    AF4019 Green-Blue/Black Glow Jan-16
    AF4042 White/Black/Solar Green Jan-16
    AF6433 Radora Maroon/Granite Feb-16

    Not sure which will be coming to the UK.
    Best, Andrew

    1. Charles Rodmell

      Cool. Thanks Andrew. I’ve just put in the first few miles in the AW15 black/white version while on holiday in the French sand dunes near Bordeaux.

        1. Charles Rodmell

          Yeah, doing great thanks. Recovering from a twisted ankle, but have been enjoying some time on the MTB, tree dodging instead :D Silver one looks great, but the others are a bit too pastel for my tastes. Cheers for the link. Are you in the Running Shoe Geeks group on Facebook? It might be up your street. If not, add me as a friend (search Charles Rodmell) and I’ll invite you.

  22. Thanks Charles, will check out the Shoe Geeks on fb…great opportunity for minutiae exchange!
    Agree that the SS16 Sen (and Ren) colours are rather heavy on the pastel, but I think we need to see the shoes in the flesh to evaluate properly. Adi pictures (esp of sample shoes) are often significantly different to the final shoe.
    Actually here’s a link to what I beleive are the final version of the Shock Green colour. These are on sale in Japan 15 January so we probably won’t see them here until end Jan earliest I guess. Yes the colour is ‘shocking’ but is that good or bad?!:))

    1. Charles Rodmell

      Great spot!!! And er.. that blue is looking a bit better now that I’ve had a chance to get my head round it. lol.

  23. Hi Charles, only just come across these shoes…… And subsequently your thorough review! I was just ordering if you had tried these barefoot?? Triathlon type here!! At present I race triathlon in Zoot ultra TT 7s as they feel like a glove barefoot and Adios boost 1s for straight run races, never run barefoot in these as the upper feels scratchy just walking barefoot in them!!
    I have a couple of 85 min halves in the locker and had been training to attempt sub 3 at VLM 16, a torn calf put paid to that and I’m working through the rehab at the moment so a great time to introduce a new shoe!!!

    1. Charles Rodmell

      Hi Dale, I haven’t tried running in them without socks, but I tried them on just now without socks in the house. On both feet there are some threads on the upper just above the 4th toe that I think would prevent it being a good sockless shoe. Bummer about the injury – I can empathise (I’m just coming back after 3 months off). Hope you get better soon!

  24. Hi,

    Great review, thanks.

    I’m looking at getting a pair of these, but am slightly concerned about the arch cutout. I don’t overpronate, but have low arches (fully flexible and strong). Do you think these will be OK?

    1. Charles Rodmell

      Hi Fred. Are you worried about rubbing on the arch or not having any arch shape? There is very little shape under the arch, but it’s not non-existent. The insole is quite narrow, so it only rolls up the arch a little. Personally, I’d prefer no arch support at all. It sounds like you don’t depend on arch support so maybe it’s ok for you. I’ve added a photo of the inside to the review in case it helps you decide :)

  25. Thanks for the reply, what I mean is, when I load my arch, as the sole has a narrow base, will it tip more than a shoe with an outsole that extends under the arch as well?

    I just realised that I’m fine with spikes though, so probably not an issue.

    Also looking at the Mizuno Ekiden 10, I guess the wider toebox would allow my big toe to function better, thus giving me more stability?

    Really looking at these shoes for something to use at 5K parkruns every week, 5-6 min/mileing. Often train barefoot on grass, but not on road, does the Ekiden add a noticeable amount of cushioning to running barefoot on road, really why I want them?

    1. Charles Rodmell

      I’ve only tried the Ekiden 9. It would be night and day compared to barefoot. I can happily do a marathon in the Ekiden, but can only do 2 or 3 miles barefoot on tarmac (I don’t regularly practice) before getting hotspots. The Takumi (or Ekiden) would be ideal for Parkrun – it has quite a lot of grip on grass on the forefoot.

        1. Charles Rodmell

          Sorry, I mentioned grip on grass. I meant to say DRY grass. Both of them will be pretty useless in the rain on grass!!! Should be obvious, but thought I’d mention it just in case….

  26. Do you recommend for normal runners or slightly on the heavy weight or mid weight runner? Especially on the cushioning part and for knee?

    1. Charles Rodmell

      Hi Paat, I’d recommend it to people with a fast cadence that land with their feet only slightly out in front (soft landing). For people that land with their heel a long way out in front of them and slow cadence (more of a thump), I’d recommend something with a bit more cushion. However, buying a shoe like this might force you to employ a higher cadence and softer landing, so hey, maybe a good thing :)

  27. Hi Charles, hope all is well.
    Please find link below to illustrate the Sen ‘Ray Pink/Black/Solar Red’ colourway due in the UK in, I understand, July. I also believe that a Ray Red/White/Ray Pink colourway will be launched around the same time but I’m not sure that we’ll get them in the UK (possibly Japan only).


  28. Thanks for your review! Today went to buy the Adizero Adios 3… But the shop assistant recommended me this and WOW! they really feel like a glove.
    I just tried a good fartlek and they seem a bullet compared with my old Skechers goRun4 (which lasted 1,200 kms!). Any update on durability? All materials seem superb, hope this light ladies will help me set good times in the near future!

    1. Charles Rodmell

      Durability is the only downside. The sole splits on the forefoot (the boost bit remains intact – it’s the thin layer EVA that goes). However this doesn’t affect the way it performs. I think most people will get 300 miles out of these before the bobbles on the sole wear down. Seems OK for a race shoe :) I’ll be looking to buy another pair when mine are done for

    1. Charles Rodmell

      Sure Barrie. The Brownlee brothers both used Takumi Sen 3 in the 2016 Olympics Triathlon without socks. There is a slight seam on the upper around the forefoot near the front, but at 10k distance it looks suitable :)

    1. Charles Rodmell

      Hi Lance, if it hasn’t been raining then yeah. I used them to come 3rd Overall in the Chichester (UK) Half Marathon today! It’s about 60% off road and up and down a steep hill. Lots of rubble, hardpack dirt, grass and stuff. The grippy blobs are great. No good on mud obviously, but not too bad on damp chalk.

  29. Hi Charles. Hope you’re well.
    You know that Isaac Newton knew a thing or two. Like his 3rd law: for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. So after the AW16 Pink Takumi Sen we get…Blue! More specifically SS17 Adidas Adizero Takumi Sen BB5674 Blue/Silver Metallic/Easy Green. Ren coming to Europe are also blue, i.e. SS17 Adizero Takumi Ren BB5689 Blue/Silver/Collegiate Royal. Both are scheduled to drop 1st Feb 17.
    Colour update done.
    Best, Andrew

  30. Charles, no link/pics at present. Well done on the 1/2 marathon 3rd. Great shoes, think we might see tweaks to improve them, poss more adiwear continental rubber on the sole in a few high-ware areas (tbc!).

    1. Charles Rodmell

      Yeah, it needs something across the base of the toes to stop the adiprene layer peeling apart. The boost layer is thick enough to stay together, but that thin adiprene layer has split on both pairs I’ve had. Doesn’t affect their performance as far as I can tell though :)

    1. Charles Rodmell

      Hi Evan. I used to use the adios 2 and adios boost all the time, but now I’m using shoes with lower drop, so I’d choose the A6 and the Sen every time. The Streak is a rather hefty 12mm I believe. Between the A6 and the Sen though… I like the outsole on the Sen because it lets you run off-road effectively, as long as it’s not muddy. Note: I haven’t tried the A6 – just looking at pictures. I’m put off from trying the new A shoe because reports say it falls apart too quickly. However, I have a 10k coming up soon and aiming to dip under 35, so maybe the Endorphin should be on the Christmas list. Last time was 35:23 in Wave Universe.

  31. C, in response to your post 25 Nov, wow yes they are nice! Infact I first saw these on the adidas Japan website around Oct time last year and was hoping we’d see them come to Europe but alas no.
    However a version on the updated Ren (not Sen) are a similar colourway and adidas Russia have them on sale now, see link below. I especially like that shot from the back showing the met gold on the rear section of the heel cap. A bit flashy but not ott. I suspect that we won’t get these in the UK/W.Europe, instead getting the blue/easy green colourway like Sen. Shame, but we’ll see.

  32. Lots of interesting Sen 3 discussion here ! I wish they did something about the sole though to make it stronger…

    Do you have a picture of the way the EVA splits ? You say it doesn’t affect performance so does it mean you can still use them after the EVA is split or that the weak EVA doesn’t affect performance before it splits ?

    As a side note, since it’s a model designed for Japan originally I have the feeling their default width is 2E vs D for (all ?) Adidas shoes sold in the West and that they don’t make a D version when selling it in the UK/USA. I’ve recently signed up with Buyee to import the Adidas Boston Boost 6 in Wide/2E as I liked the new ABB6 but found it to be too narrow in D and it caused me to get blisters on runs of more than 15k.

    1. Charles Rodmell

      Hi. Here’s a pic of mine with 400 miles on
      CLICK ME
      You can see the split that always happens. It has been like that on both feet for ages (since 200 miles?). Same thing happened on the first pair. Once the EVA splits, it doesn’t get any worse. I’ll probably pound a couple of hundred more out of these I hope.

  33. Thanks, pretty impressive and I do remember a “cut” in the middle on min at that level.
    Other than that great job on not wearing out the litte “pods”, except maybe in the middle.

  34. Are you going to try new takumi sen 3 SS17? They increase drop 6 to 9! What you think about that? Thanks …

    1. Charles Rodmell

      I made a gif to compare the 2016 and 2017 Takumi Sen: They look identical in the sole area, so if there is any difference, it’s inside, maybe with the insole. Fingers crossed it’s the same and that they have just been measured differently.

  35. Hello. I just bought a pair of these. I liked the philosophy of cushion in the forefoot, not the heel. My other two pairs of runners are vivobarefoot stealth (zero drop) and Inov8 road xtreme (3 or 4mm drop i think). I fancied something a bit more protective than the vivos and a bit less sloppy than the inov8s so i tried these and the ren. I ordered both in a 6 and liked both, in fact I toyed with the idea of keeping the Ren as they are a bit more relaxed in the fit and have a bit more to them. But i’m not used to a 10mm drop and it felt a bit odd….maybe i would get used to it though. Anyway, I ordered a 6.5 in these and they fit well. Perhaps a bit snug in the forefoot compared to what i am used to but fine to run in on the treadmill. I’m yet to test on the road. If i like them i’m hoping to run a marathon in them. The minimalist movement is over and that’s probably a good thing. We need to take the good things from it and move on. However, it’s harder to find decent shoes with not too much drop. Hopefully these fit the bill. Thanks for your review.

    1. Charles Rodmell

      Good to see another Takumi fan! Be careful if you aren’t used to the increased drop of the Ren. Stick to what you know or introduce change very gradually. I’m doing the MK marathon in a few weeks in the Sen. It’s plenty of shoe if you are a soft efficient runner. How far can you go in the Vivobarefoot? I’ve tried 20 miles and that was great :) Saucony and Mizuno do so low drop shoes too. And there’s a new Mizuno coming soon which will be a great alternative to the Sen. Don’t know the name yet, but holding them, they seemed very promising.

      1. Hello Charles,
        Quite a delayed reply!! Didn’t see your message. It’s a while since I posted, in that time I have run a marathon PB in the Sen. After that for some godforsaken reason I experimented with the adios 3 and Boston. My running hasn’t been the same since so I am back on Vivos and my Takumi Sen. Oh yes, and inov8 for off road. My pair have split across the sole too much it doesn’t really seem to matter. I was interested to see your update of the new model as I saw it was posted as 9mm drop so wondering if that was true. Good to know things haven’t changed. I think they feel a lot lower than a 6mm drop.

        In answer to your question about Vivos, I have run up to about 20 miles in them I think. Did you try the new Mizuno model? I think the saucony low drop shoes are a bit too cushy for my taste.
        Happy running!

        1. Charles Rodmell

          I’ve not tried the Mizuno (Sonic?). Sen seem to have been discontinued. Currently playing with On Cloudflash, Brooks Hyperion and Salomon RA Pro.

  36. Hi there,
    I just bought a pair of the Takumi Sen 3 to try new shoes as my all-time favourite shoe, the Inov8 195, but they have now been discontinued. The 195s had a 4mm drop and virtually no cushioning. The Sen has considerably more cushioning and I am finding that I am having to adjust my gate because of this. I am quite an efficient runner and I am guessing that I have had problems adjusting to the cushioning of the Sen. I also find the Sen snugger than the 195.

    My concern is that I noticed the day after the run, the backs of my knees and heels were a little achy. Now, I will say, this might not be the shoe as I ran a track session 2 days ago and I had not run on a track before. Where I live we do not have one. I will run again this morning and see if the aches come back. If so, I guess it might be the arch.

    As an aside to this, does anyone have suggestions as an alternative to 195s? I have vivobarefoot, but they are too minimal for long runs. I can run 20+ miles in the 195s.

    Thank you,

    1. Charles Rodmell

      How about the Mizuno Ekiden? It has a wider toebox and 4mm (see my review on this site). Are there no new Inov8s that are suitable though?

      1. I decided to take the insole out of the sens. That has given me some wiggle room in them. I found they were a little narrow for me compared to the 195s. I’ll try them later. I think they might be ok as the forefoot cushioning will compensate for lack of insole. It will reduce the drop quite a bit as well.

        I was concerned as I ran in the sens again yesterday and developed a nasty blister on my little toe.

        Size-wise, I have 10s for 195s and 10.5 for sens.

        1. Charles Rodmell

          Bummer. Sounds like they are too small for you. I’ve never had any rubbing even during a 50 mile trail run. How’s the distance from toes to the front? Adidas turn out small.

          1. I would say there is a thumbs width distance from front. They feel much roomier now the insoles are gone.

            I guess I may have put my sock on sloppily yesterday, hence the blister. Haven’t had a blister in years prior to yesterday.

  37. I want to buy the Sen 3. Where can I order sizes 10-12 in the USA (I’m actually in Brazil for the next week and despite seeing Brazilian commentary online re the Sen, Adidas stores here don’t have the shoes)? Im unsure of sizing so figure need to order my true size (10.5) plus two larger sizes, and return bad fits. I can’t find on Amazon, eBay, etc Sen3 in these sizes.

    Advice, appreciated!

  38. Hey Charles, great review on the Takumi Sen. I have some advice to ask in regards;

    Currently running using the adios boost 2s (and just wore down the lugs of my newton distance elites)

    I’ve recently started running again after breaking my foot 2 Year’s ago (had been doing hiking and cycling in the meantime because it was my fifth metatarsal I broke and my foot ankle calf has felt stiffer since then)

    I’m a forefoot,mid foot runner (no heel strike) and I’ve had some niggling issues I haven’t been able to sort. All on the left side. My second toe from little toe metatarsal head gives me pain as I run, after 5km. I just ordered some gel met pads to see if that helps. And my left glute med gets tight as well as thigh.

    Do you recommend the Takumi Sen boost over the adios.? What shoe would be light but still give me some metatarsal cushioning (I have narrow feet and not a lot of fat on them). I’m thinking of doing some light glute strengthening and bought a foam roller for the calves, thighs, glute. Hoping that will help. I can’t seem to get back to where I was at. I used to run daily 10km in 40 mins. Now I’m only at 7 to 8km and struggle to keep 4:30 pace. Muscles just feel tighter. I’m 33 now so maybe changing routine for the aging body’s?

    Would be great fun for any advice. Would like to get back to regular 10km, maybe a half marathon (though not something I’ve raced before)

    Cheers Michelle

    1. Charles Rodmell

      Hi Michelle, thanks.
      As for the advice, anything with pain, obviously you need to see a doctor. My advice would be don’t run more than 5k. If it’s hurting, then the damage is already being done. Or just stop running again until it’s healed – maybe you got back into it too quickly and injured something else? I suspect the gel pads might help you run longer and do even more damage.

      Something that stood out was you said “no heel strike”. Do you mean the heel doesn’t touch down at all? If so, you need to consider changing that – running only on your toes puts an enormous stress on the metatarsals and achilles (leading to tight calves). You should be placing the forefoot down first and then shortly followed by the heel. These videos are good for technique: (ignore the stupid sound effects) and

      The other things was “used to run daily 10k” – every day? Any rest days? I’m in my 40s and getting faster (just got my first sub3 marathon this year), so it’s not age. You need to change something.

      For a forefoot runner, I would recommend the Sen over the Adios because of the lower drop. Go half a size up.

    1. Charles Rodmell

      Weird mottled effect on the EVA. Love the orange though. \o/
      848 miles in one pair of Sens now :) Should breach 1000 by Christmas

  39. Charles,
    yes agree…not sure at all about the mottling but will wait to see the finished product. Knew you’d like the orange, similar to solar orange from a couple of years ago (Adios etc). c850m is fantastic. Have seen an earlier post of yours stating that the uppers are A1. Mine too are the same, almost perfect uppers but soles shot at about 200 miles. I know the mesh they use on Sen and Ren is very expensive and its flexibility mixed with just the right amount of cushioning gives a great ride, as you know! Am sure Adidas would be interested to hear from you re your experience of Sen…you are becoming a ‘Sen Master’ :)

  40. Hi,

    Just asking advice on size. I’ve an 11 in the adios 3 with approx. only half a thumb gap at the front and was going to try an 11.5 in the Sen but in the pics your the size 12 doesn’t look big. I’ve had the Sen in a size11 before and it was small but I like the shoe very much in respect of the narrow heel cupping…a lot of shoes are too baggy in that area and I want a generous toe box so my toes don’t get bashed but without my foot slipping around.


    1. Charles Rodmell

      Hi. I’ve not tried the 3 but the Sen definitely feels great at half a size bigger than all the other adidas I’ve had. It still feels snug where it matters.

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