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Dakine Stance Snowboard Tool Review

The Dakine Stance snowboard tool has 6 screwbits hidden away inside a ratchet screwdrive, along with a tape measure.

Dakine Stance Snowboard Tool

Size and weight

It’s 11cm / 4.5″ long before selecting a screwbit, so fits easily in a jacket pocket or a Camelbak / rucksack.

It weighs 160g, so feels solid without being over the top.


The Stance comes with six different screwbits of various sizes which cover pretty much everything you’ll need on the slopes.

Dakine Stance Snowboard Tool screwbits

If for some reason, you find the need for a seventh screwbit of your own, you can add it in the middle.

Dakine Stance Snowboard Tool solo

It also comes with a retracting tape measure that extends to 95cm. Due to its size, I advise you to treat this gently.

Dakine Stance Snowboard Tool tape measure

In use

The screwbits stay firmly in the driver, being magnetic, which is essential when fumbling around in the snow. They are well machined and fit the standard size screws properly.The ratchet is easy to adjust direction or lock solid, clicking positively from one position to another. The screwbit housing at the rear remained done up tightly during 35 hours of jiggling around in my Camelbak and is easy to do up without cross-threading. Due to the decent size, I was able to get enough leverage to do up binding bolts tightly enough to remain in place for 35 hours of being bashed around on and off-piste in my test.

Dakine Stance Snowboard Tool use

Dakine Stance Snowboard Tool use2

The new version of the tool is called the Dakine Stubby Driver and has rubberised grips, but I found there was plenty of grip on the Stance.

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