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Scott Aura Light Sensitive Goggles Review

With the weather changing on an hourly basis up on in the mountains, I decided I wanted some goggles that would do it all, so Twinner Sport in Reberty advised me to go for some Scott goggles with “Light Sensitive” lenses.

Because I have a narrow face, I ended up with Scott Aura, which are women’s goggles, in black for me and the white Scott Aura for my wife. I find that many larger goggles get peeled open at the sides by my helmet, or just don’t fit in the gap at all. I think they look very cool – check the photo below – and they fit perfectly, with no cold forehead action.

Scott Aura Light Sensitive Goggles

Scott Aura Light Sensitive Goggles white

Light Sensitive

The Scott Aura lens is classed as category 1-3 which covers from 20% (foggy / cloudy) to 90% (bright sunshine) light conditions.

Scott Aura Light Sensitive Goggles ls

I’ve no idea how they work, but incredibly, I could see bumps and contours in dismal conditions as well as look right next to the sun in very bright conditions. There were a couple of occassions where I wasn’t sure if they were working or not because I couldn’t see any bumps on a pisted slope, but I grabbed a pair of Cat1 yellow goggles to check and the Scott Aura Lens was just as good. This is exactly what I was looking for – a goggle that works in all weather!

The lens gives a slightly pink tint but also has a reflective gold look in some light conditions.

Scott Aura Light Sensitive goggles black

Scott Aura Light Sensitive Goggles front

Scott Aura Light Sensitive Goggles side

Scott Aura Light Sensitive Goggles through lens pink

Scott Aura Light Sensitive Goggles white 2

No fog

Other tech in the goggles include vents and an anti-fog coating which eradicate fogging while moving. The anti-fog coating needs to be treated with immense care to avoid removing it – dabbing gently with a wet cloth and leaving to dry works for me, but Scott Sports recommend soap and running water. I haven’t tried removing the lens though – it is a major part of the cost of the goggles, so I’m leaving it well alone. Avoid wiping it even with the inside of a lens bag.

Scott Aura Light Sensitive Goggles top

The foam is comfortable, fitting round my face perfectly and the adjustment had just enough slack to fit around my helmet.

Scott Aura Light Sensitive Goggles foam

Scott Aura Light Sensitive Goggles adjust

There is a gummy strip all the way around the strap which sticks to your helmet and stops the goggles moving around – fit and forget!

If you are looking to select some eye gear for snowboarding or skiing that works in all weather, you should check out Scott goggles with Light Sensitive lenses. The Scott Aura is a women’s goggle but is great for men with narrow faces too.

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    1. Charles Rodmell

      As soon as the sun comes out basically. You could head into some trees and it be fine. Just got back from another week boarding in France with the same goggles.

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