GORE Running Visor Cap Review

Runners tend not to conform to the usual standards of style and taste, but as photos of the GORE running visor below show, either it’s impossible to look good in one of these or, more likely, it’s impossible for me to look good in one. You can take your pick on that one. It only comes in black or white too, so if these aren’t your colour, you’ll really have to start focusing on function over form here, because it’s a quality piece of running gear.

GORE Running Visor Black

Sun and Rain protection

This visor is brilliant at the important bit which is protecting your face. I got it to keep the rain off and still give me the ability to wear a hat that covers my ears in the cold weather – a cap with integrated visor is a bit limiting in the winter, unless you go the ear muff route. However, I found it is equally at home protecting your eyes from the sun and the underside of the black visor is also black, reducing glare. The white version is unfortunately white under the visor though.

One size fits all

Often when a product tries to fit everyone, it ends up missing people at the outer percentiles. I have a fairly small head – I take a 55-59cm mountain bike helmet – and as you can see from the picture, there is still a generous amount of adjustment on the velcro strap in either direction, so it successfully achieves fitting all.

GORE Running Visor Black velcro strap


Great news! It’s machine washable, so it’ll stay fresh. Don’t put it in the tumble drier though.

GORE Running Visor Black washing instructions

Dry Forehead

The towelling mesh liner at the front keeps your forehead dry and snug – I haven’t yet had the opportunity to test this in hot weather, but it should keep the sweat out of your eyes for a good while.

GORE Running Visor Black Forehead Towelling

Reflective logo

The GORE logo on the front band is reflective and easily seen in the dark. There is no reflective element at the back.

GORE Running Visor Black front

GORE Running Visor Black back

GORE Running Visor Black side

Anyone looking to select a running visor should take a look at the GORE offering because it’s the best I could find in a limited field. It’s comfy, stays put while running and does everything its supposed to very well. Apart from more colours and a reflective element at the back, I can’t think of any way to improve it, which is high praise.

Meanwhile, if anyone finds an alternative running visor of equal quality that isn’t black, white or pastel, please let me know!

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