Maxifuel Viper Active Energy Bar

Maxifuel Viper Active Energy Bar Review

The Maxifuel Viper Active Energy Bar is a 55g baked oats bar mixed with sultanas and various flours. It has an Apple and Cinnamon flavour.

Maxifuel Viper Active Energy Bar

What’s in a bar?

Each 55g bar provides 199Kcal, 3.1g of Protein and 3.8g of Fat.

It has only minimal sodium content at 0.03g, so if it’s a long sweaty exercise session, you’ll need an additional source.


The oat mash is held together fairly loosely making it very easy to bite and eat. It’s more akin to a compacted crumble than most of the normal sticky chewy energy bars out there. In warmer conditions, it comes apart quite easily but in colder conditions it’s a little firmer. However, eating it from the fridge was perfectly easy still, especially when compared to more chewy bars, so the Viper Active will cope well in all weathers.


I was a bit apprehensive about the Apple and Cinnamon advertised on the foil packet, expecting something that would be sweet and overpowering but fortunately it is actually quite subtle, with the majority of the flavouring coming from the oats’ own natural flavour, so that’s all good.

I’d select the Maxfual Viper Active energy bar before or after exercise and not during a race. I would also select it during lower intensity exercise like a long easy bike ride where I need the slow release of the oat energy. If you are used to eating energy bars during races, you will find the Viper Active easy to digest.

You can buy the Viper Active energy bars direct from Maxifuel

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