Maxifuel Viper Boost Bar

Maxifuel Viper Boost Energy Bar Review

The Viper Boost by Maxifuel is a fruity cereal energy bar with a dark chocolate coating and a serious caffeine injection. It’s a 45g bar providing 191kcal, 3.4g of protein, 6.2g (1.8g sat) of fat and 155mg of Vitamin C.

Maxifuel Viper Boost Bar

Texture and Taste

The combination of the rice based crispy cereal and the almonds lend the interior a chewy but not sticky texture. It doesn’t change much from the fridge either, being almost as easy to eat as at room temperature, which is handy for cold weather.

Even though the Viper Boost bar is packed with 141g of Caffeine equivalent to almost two cups of tea (and almost twice as much as a Red Bull), the apricots do an admirable job of making the flavour enjoyable, although by the time it’s all mixed together it’s hard to say what exactly it does taste like!

There is a bitter aftertaste though coming from the combination of the dark chocolate and the caffeine which was the only part I didn’t savour.

In use

I used the Viper Boost bar after a 20 mile run. I had started at 5:30am on a beautiful moonlit morning. The sun eventually came up over the nature reserve and the birds woke up. Two hours and fifty minutes after starting, I was in need of a bit of a wake up call too and the bar got me going, keeping me awake and alert for the rest of the morning, so job done. I also used one before an 18 mile run starting similarly early and my focus during the run was definitely toward the “completely wired” end of the scale, which was especially useful in the dark.

If it hadn’t been for the bitter aftertaste, this would have scored top marks. It packs loads of caffeine into a small high energy bar that tastes pretty good while eating it. Anyone looking to select a caffeine bar to take before or after exercise should try the Maxifuel Viper Boost bar.

You can buy the Viper Boost energy bars direct from Maxifuel or from Wiggle

Many thanks to Maxifuel for sending us a selection of their range to try out. If you like Maxifuel’s products, you can follow them on twitter

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