Maxifuel Viper Boost Energy Gels Review

The Viper Boost Energy Gel is very similar in content to Maxifuel’s other gel, the Viper Active, but with the addition of 100mg of caffeine. Therefore it aims to provide quickly available energy and sodium with the added impact of caffeine. Each 70g gel has 101kcal from 25g of carbs of which sugars are 9.5g. They also benefit from 0.07g of Sodium to replace electolytes lost through sweat.

The Caffeine

One Viper Boost gel is enough to enhance alertness, being of similar caffeine content to a strong cup of tea, so this would be especially useful in the later stages of a long race where lack of focus often leads to loss of form (be it running or cycling), or in technical racing such as XC mountain biking or trail running where difficult terrain poses a constant threat.

Two Viper Boost gels will provide enough caffeine to start the endurance enhancing effect that some research claims to show. Remember to consider the diuretic effect of large amounts of caffeine though!

Out on the trail

I do not drink tea or coffee, but will drink a caffeinated energy drink a couple of times a week after a long morning run to get me going for the day ahead. One Viper Boost gel has more caffeine than my normal drink. I have not often used caffeine during exercise and certainly not in this quantity. Out on the road at race pace after 9 miles, the effect of taking the gel a couple of miles earlier was noticeable, with that familiar caffeine alertness making itself known.

Viper Boost gels have double the caffeine content of the only other caffeinated gel brand I tried, and therefore inevitably the taste of the caffeine is very pronounced which might not be enjoyed by everyone; having said that, anyone looking at this sort of product will probably know what to expect. The Citrus Burst does a good job of enhancing the flavour to make it taste as good as it can considering the amount of caffeine.

Just like the Viper Active, it’s an easy-to-swallow formula, with a perfect balance of energy to water content for most applications, and suitable for racing as well at training.

Anyone looking to select a caffeinated gel should definitely try the Viper Boost gel, keeping in mind the strong flavour from the high caffeine content.

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